Public Urination in Manhattan

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Public Urination in Manhattan

Public Urination in Manhattan

New York City’s Public Urination laws may seem a bit draconian when taking into account the number of bars compared with the number of public restrooms available, but when one considers the relatively light penalties prescribed by New York City judges, one can’t help but feel as though late-night urine depositors are getting off relatively easy.

Consider, for example, the case of a young man caught urinating in San Diego earlier this year. His fine came to $675! Heck, that’s more than most lawyers (including me) charge for these cases in Manhattan!

Of course, if you’re charged with a violation of the 153.09 of the New York Health Code, you’re facing a MISDEMEANOR rather than a violation, so obviously, the most important thing isn’t the fine, but a reduction of the offense from a misdemeanor.

A violation of Section 16-118 of the Administrative Code is not a misdemeanor, but all persons charged with either a 153.09 or 16-118 offense should speak with an attorney before entering a guilty plea.

If you have any questions about public urination in New York, please click here to speak with a New York public urination attorney about your pink summons today.

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